1886Ventures develops and runs sustainable and digital industry innovation powered by next technologies.

1886Ventures – from Industry for Industry.

We unleash the potential of those next technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things or fuel cell technology to build outstanding data-based ventures that create value for our industry partners and 1886Ventures.

1886Ventures has a broad portfolio of ventures and projects involved with green energy, automated trucks, AI-driven vehicle scanning, vehicle subscription, digital ridesharing, vehicle connectivity and circular economy.  

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Innovation is a necessary tool for business transformation in a transforming world of new technologies and changing costumer behaviors. 1886Ventures is your partner to navigate through the jungle of innovation and replace actionism through a sustaible innovation strategy.
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At 1886Ventures we unleash the potential of next technologies to build outstanding, sustainable and digital companies that set standards in the future economy.
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Our roots

Born at the heart of Mercedes-Benz in 2007 as their innovation department, we transformed ourselves in 2020 into 1886Ventures, the innovation platform for building companies, that will set future standards in the industry. We have a corporate and entrepreneurial background and understand the pitfalls of corporate innovation.

We provide the ecosystem to foster projects that help our partners master the challenges both of rapidly changing industries and the future. Because it is not enough to simply innovate and ideate, it is crucial to accelerate and commercialize. With strategic industry partners, a global investor network, exceptional digital expertise from our partner GFT, a corporate background, and a start-up mindset, 1886Ventures provides the perfect conditions for developing game-changing B2B innovations.

Our roots

On January 29, 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent on his
"gas-powered vehicle". This was the day the automobile was born. Later the same year, independently of Benz, Gottlieb Daimler built his motorized carriage. Thus it was that 1886 marked the beginning of the Mercedes-Benz success story – now 135years old and still counting.

We have built upon on this heritage. Initially launched as an in-house innovation lab in 2007 – known as Lab1886 – we helped Mercedes-Benz AG to develop new business models. In more than a decade, various ideas have been transformed into viable businesses. Some of the most impactful projects realized are car2go, moovel, Mercedes me, and Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts.

Car2Go was a car-sharing platform from Mercedes-Benz, launched in October 2008. In February 2019 Mercedes-Benz and BMW joined car-sharing forces and founded SHARE NOW. Today it provides over 11,000 vehicles in 16 cities in 8 countries across Europe.
Mercedes me
Mercedes me was invented in 2014 and connects your Mercedes with your smartphone, your home, and practical digital functions and services that make your everyday life easier.
In 2016 we were discussing the all-new vertical and take-off landing segment and the potential for Mercedes-Benz. In 2017 we started a cooperation with and investment in Volocopter, the German startup leader in this field. Nowadays Volocopter is a Dollar Unicorn.

Are you interested in investing in our 1886Ventures portfolio and in exploring a new avenue to future-proof your business & maintain your core workstream?

Our portfolio currently includes projects and ventures with next technologies such as automated driving, fuel cells, Car2Car connectivity, fully digitalized subscription models for cars and innovative, data-driven software services. Integrate this next tech into your current business, or your next one. If you want to be part of our journey, give us a call and together we can dive into our high-tech workshop for a full tour.

1886Ventures – we transform, we build, we grow.