1886Ventures believes in co-creation because innovation is teamwork. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in an innovative partnership with us.

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1886Ventures GmbH
Schelmenwasenstr. 35
70567 Stuttgart
How to find us!
Approach via B27:
Leave B27 at the exit S-Fasanenhof. Then turn right or left onto In der Körsch/Heigelinstraße. At the traffi c circle take the fi rst exit towards Schelmenwasenstraße. Follow Schelmenwasenstraße until the end of the railroad tracks and then turn left twice to return on the other side. After about 100m you will fi nd 1886Ventures GmbH on the right hand side.
Approach via A8:
From A8 towards Karlsruhe, Heilbronn, take the exit 52b towards S-Möhringen-Ost, S.-Degerloch/-Zentrum. Then keep to the right and take B27 towards S.-Möhringen-Ost, S.-Degerloch/-Zentrum. Then keep left and take B27 towards S.-Zentrum, S.-Degerloch. Leave B27 at the exit S-Fasanenhof and follow the route as described above until you reach Schelmenwasenstraße 35.
From the A8 towards Munich, Singen take the exit towards Leinfelden-Echterdingen, S.-Degerloch/-Möhringen. Then keep left towards S.-Degerloch/-Möhringen-Ost, Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Then keep right and take A8 towards S.-Degerloch, S.-Möhringen-Ost. Then keep directly to the right towards S.-Degerloch, S.-Möhringen-Ost and after about 1km take the exit S-Fasanenhof. Now follow the route as described above until you reach Schelmenwasenstraße 35.
Arrival by public transport:
Take the subway U6 „Fasanenhof Schelmenwasen“ to the station Fasanenhof Schelmenwasen which is located directly in front of the offi ce of 1886Ventures GmbH.
Arrival from the airport:
Take the subway S2 towards „Filderstadt“ to the station Filderstadt. From there you walk 100m to the bus stop Bernhausen Bahnhof, to take the bus X4 towards „Degerloch ZOB“ to the bus stop EnBW City. After a walk of about fi ve minutes you will reach 1886Ventures GmbH on the left side.