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1886Ventures – We develop and implement sustainable and innovative business models in the industrial environment.
From industry, for industry.

about 1886 Ventures
Our Roots

We are guided by the pioneering spirit of inventors like Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz. Born at the heart of Mercedes-Benz in 2007 as their innovation department, we transformed ourselves in 2020 into 1886Ventures, the innovation platform for building new industry businesses that will set future standards in the industry.

Our Services

we transform,
we build,
we grow.

1886Ventures develops sustainable and digital industry innovation powered by next technologies. We discover, validate, and develop innovative new digital business models and transformation services.
We unleash the potential of those next technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things or fuel cell technology, to build outstanding data-based ventures.

We unleash the potential of next technologies to build outstanding ventures.

Connected Fuel Cell generators for Intralogistics
Digital Corporate Ridesharing
Carve8 – Premium Car Subscription
We operate your individual car subscription system – 100% digital.
Globe – Fuel Cell Systems
We build zero-emission, smart, and connected fuel cell technology.
CIDA – Circular Industrial Design Accelerator
CIDA transforms industrial components from the automotive industry that are to be scrapped into sustainable premium upcycled products.

Are you interested in our 1886Ventures portfolio and in exploring a new avenue to future-proof your business and maintain your core workstream? Get in touch.

Our portfolio currently includes projects and ventures with next technologies such as automated driving, fuel cells, car connectivity, fully digitalized car subscription and innovative, data-driven software services. Integrate this next tech into your current business, or your next one. If you want to be part of our journey, give us a call and together we can dive into our high-tech workshop for a full tour. 1886Ventures – we transform, we build, we grow.